May Newsletter by Alison King

Hello Everyone.
I now have a new hat in Mead Quilters, that of newsletter editor!
First of all I would like to say a very big thank you to my predecessor Linda
Cosgrove for keeping us all informed of Mead news, especially over the last
two years when we were unable to meet. Thank you Linda.

A big welcome to our new members. We hope you enjoy being part of the
group and are able to join in the activities we offer.
Now that things are getting back to normal there should be much more to
report so please let me know about any shows you visit, books you have
particularly enjoyed and anything you think members might be interested in ,
in the world of Quilting.

Visit to Doughty’s Roadshow at Brampton, Cambs. Saturday 23rd April
On 23rd April Hilda and I made a visit to the Brampton Memorial Centre to
visit a Doughty Fabrics Roadshow. The event was hosted by Region 9 of the
Quilters Guild. For me Brampton is not too far, about 40 minutes up the A1M.
I was expecting to view work carried out by members of the Region but found
they had involved a number of local traders to set up sales stands such as
Sewing Daze of Ely and Escape and Create of St Ives. Neither I had heard or
seen their wares before. On a previous visit to a Roadshow in Norfolk, the
local regional area had arranged to hang quilts in addition to having tables
with quilters showing off their work and telling of their experiences – this was
In the foyer there was a raffle ticket sales stand which was run by the Region
with some nice prizes such as a quilt, and a well stocked work box – I did not
have any luck with my numbered tickets – a pity.
Into the main hall where Doughtys had laid out row upon row of bolts of fabric
on tables. Whatever type, colour or design you might be looking for batik;
plains; blends and extra wide were all waiting to view. There was also a
selection of wadding and pre-cut bundles.
Like most of us, I do have a stash of fabrics which I keep saying I need to use
up but there is always room for more! My current project is a baby quilt in
which I will be using a colourful print to be edged with plain colours taken
from the print. That was what I was looking for and found it was easy to match up 3 plain colours.

I also found some batik with random stripes which would be very suitable for the quilt backing.
The prices given were less than found in most shops or at some shows which
made my purchases worthwhile. Four half metres and a metre and half for the
backing with change from £20.
For me though the highlight was when we visited the adjacent hall where the
local traders had set up. There was the opportunity to have a cup of tea and a
piece of cake. My cake of choice was date and walnut, and I would say
whoever had made it needed to be congratulated on a delicious tasting bite.
Thank you. Jennifer Shields

A trip to Suffolk before Easter gave me the opportunity to stop at Baldock
Museum and visit the exhibition put on by the New Horizons Textile Group on
the theme of Home. It was interesting to see so many interpretations of this
topic which was obviously so important to us recently.
The group includes our very own Teresa Dunn. Apologies, I didn’t make a
note of the names of the quilters but the
eye below really caught MY eye.

Once again Mead Quilters was represented at the show at Hatfield
House. Thanks to the efforts of CarolWort and Heather the stand was
really colourful and inviting. Therewas a lot of interest generated by
the wide range of work on display,lots of lovely conversations were
had about our craftand with luck we will have somenew members.

An Appeal from Valerie Pollington
Way back in Lockdown days, Mead members kindly made blocks as a
‘finishing present for my stint as Chair’. I have made a wall hanging which
many of you have seen which is a wonderful memento. I have a chart to show
‘who made which’ but there are a lot of gaps as I have not seen everyone
since we were allowed to mix.
My plan is to bring the hanging to the morning and the evening meetings in May as a
final attempt to tie up the loose ends.
From the records that Alison King kindly gave me I think the following members
probably made a block and I need to know which block is yours:
The missing names are:
Pauline Collins, Margaret Tinker-Mitchell, Nicola Manton, Terrie Brittain, Linda
Noon, Julia Townsend, Jayne Cassels, Jenny McEntee, Margaret Howells, Dawn
Gould, Sue Jonas, Gill Chate, Sandra Roach.
I think some members must have made 2 blocks as there are more gaps than names
on my list. There were 50 blocks in all.
I am looking forward to completing the chart and to be able to thank each
Valerie Pollington

Dates for your diary.
Tuesday 17th May 7.30 pm Susan Dye talking about dying with plants.
Wednesday 1st June
Join us for an afternoon of stitching with Mary Mayne. Mary will
demonstrate her latest project “it’s not just an envelope” during a 2.5 hour
workshop. A lovely little appliquéd envelope which can be customised to
suit the occasion. Can be stitched by hand or machine.

Where: The Quaker Meeting room, Welwyn Garden City.

Cost: £21

Please contact us to book and pay.

Summer Party
Full members are invited to join us for a summer party on June 21st. Full details to follow.
Sales Table Summer Grand Bazaar
We will be opening up the shop for a Grand Bazaar sale on Saturday July 30tth at the WI premises in
Details are being finalised but save the date. We will need volunteers to help on the day and of
course, tell your quilty friends to come along for the one day the shop will be open to the public.

Annual Challenge
The current challenge is “Platinum Jubilee”. A 12” x 14” mini quilt, will be judged at the Summer
Party in June.
The challenge for 2022/23 was announced at the AGM. The title is “Travellers Joy”. Interpret that
as you wish but the quilt must not exceed 1 metre on any side. This will be judged at the 2023 AGM

Deadline for articles for next newsletter
Friday 17th June